How to Plant Beautiful Flowers in Your Window Box

Planting flowers in a window box can be an alternative for those of you who live in a cramped area or apartment, or you just want to apply new decorating ideas for your house. Usually, all the windows just left empty without any frills. If using the ornaments, the ornament that is often used is the trellis and drapery. On the outside, the window is left blank with no ornament. Although ornament with gypsum material is beautiful, but this decoration seem boring. Therefore you need other decorations so that your window is more gorgeous and beautiful when seen from the outside.

floral decoration

One way is by planting flowers in a window box. You do not need to be confused for your gardening hobby into a narrow area. Many ways of gardening that you can apply to decorate your house or apartment with a fresh crop. Live plants serve to make your home become more cool and pretty. If you are tired after a long day of work at the computer, then you can directly open the window and see the green of your plants.

The Advantage of Planting Plant in Your Home
Many benefits you can enjoy when you are planting flowers in a window box. The appearance of your window will look more beautiful and gorgeous. Your home will be more fresh and cool. If your plants have bright colors and contrast with your windows, then blend the color will be more beautiful and attractive. Here are some tips for planting flowers in a window box:

Build a strong box made of cement and sand. You can provide a framework of iron bones. Arrange the framework in accordance with the design or pattern you like. Then you can close the frame with cement and sand. The process is performed similarly to the manufacture of wall.

It is important that you should not forget is to give a hole at the bottom of the planting medium to sewer. These holes are made just like a hole in the pot so the water would instantly fall down. If under no floor, so the hole can be given a hose or tube so that the floor is not stained with water used to spray the flowers. The pipe can be planted on the wall like a pipe normally used to drain the rain.

You can also use other materials such as metal or wood. Plants are not directly planted in the box, but the plants placed in the pot are then placed in a window box. You must create a box that is full and tightly so the pot is not visible.

You should also pay attention to the direction you open the lid on the window. If shutters are outside when it was opened, then the plant box should be slightly downward so that the plants do not obstruct the window when it is opened. If the position of the shutters is inside, then the plant box should be parallel to the window so that the plant can be seen from inside the room.

You can choose a beautiful short crop. Do not choose plants that are too high because the plant can block your view and instead will make your home window looks spooky.

Tips to Decorate the Windows with Flowers
Choose plants according to the weather in your area. If your area is available sun all day, then you can choose plants that love the sun.

Cut the plastic bag and place it in your window box. These plastic bags can facilitate you to move or change your plants.

• Mix the soil and organic fertilizer. Usually organic fertilizer for plants in pots is already available on the market. Give a little water until the water you do not give too much to trickle down. Stir until well blended perfectly.

Cut the plastic bag in your plant, and then move the plants to a planting medium that you have prepared.

Do not plant crops at a distance that is too close. Give space between plants with each other so that growth was good and not collide with each other.

Such plants can make your eyes fresh and the atmosphere in your home becomes cool. In his spare time, you can enjoy your beautiful plants from indoors while sitting or reading a book. Making the plant in this window is also quite cheap. Happy planting flowers in a window box.

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Some Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Apply

Teenage bedroom decorating is one thing you should do if you have a teenager. It is important to do because most teenagers want to express their feeling including in the decoration of their bedroom. Instead of applying unclear decoration, just take one of teenage bedroom decorating ideas here.

teenage bedroom

Bedroom decoration idea based on the latest trend
Teenagers tend to follow the latest trends such as the latest fashion trend, the latest gadget, the latest application, the latest game, and of course the latest bedroom decoration. For example, there is a case that they love painting as their new hobby and the way to express their feeling. So, it is great to give them a space. The wall of the bedroom is a good option. Let them painting the wall just like what they want. One more alternative is that you can ask the expert to paint the wall. Before that, let your beloved teenager choose the best painting they want to put there.

Applying bright color idea
Talking about teenage bedroom decorating ideas, it is strongly related to the way to choose colors. Because teenagers tend to be active, bright color bedroom is the best idea. In this case, you can choose specific colors such as red, blue, yellow, green, and many more. Even, it is allowed for you to combine those colors as long as you apply it in the right portion.

Applying strong pattern idea
Strong pattern represents the strong thought of teenagers. You can use specific pattern such as bold lines, stripes, round, triangle, and many more. Mostly, the pattern is also used to separate between bright colors to the other bright color. Just try it and definitely your teenager will love it.

Applying unique items
Teenagers tend to use their bedroom as headquarter. Because of that, they will take any kind of unique items they love most to their room. You can also help them to find it and manage those items as a surprise. There are hundreds of unique items out there. For example, you can buy retro pillows, old paintings, and even swing. Putting a big chalkboard is also a good idea. Let them write or draw everything they love in that chalkboard. Their artwork can be a good accessory for their bedroom. It seems that they have personal area at home. Just put those items and make sure that the items are their favorite item.

Creating favorite spots
In the same case, teenagers tend to have their favorite spot around the bedroom. Let say, if they love reading, it means they will take relaxing swing as the best spot to read their favorite books. There is also a case that they love to talk with friends and discuss something that they want to do in the future. If it is so, you can just prepare a medium chair or sofa so it can be put in the bedroom. Let them use it as their favorite spot to welcome their friends.

Creating multipurpose bedroom
When you want to create a bedroom for your beloved teenager, it is a must to make sure that the bedroom consists of three important elements. Those elements are sleeping area, studying area and a spot to talk with friends. By applying those three important elements and it will be more than just an ordinary bedroom for them. It is a multipurpose bedroom!

Creating a bedroom in an unusual area
Do you have unused basement at home? Instead of doing nothing with the basement, you can just replace it to become a great bedroom for your teenager. Just follow the tips above and your beloved teenager will be very happy with their new bedroom.

Playing with texture
It is also great to give a little bit texture in the bedroom. By using texture in the bedroom, it will be more comfortable than before. There are several ways to give texture in the bedroom for teens. You can give texture by applying wallpaper. Just choose wallpaper with strong pattern. It is also good to apply rug in the bedroom. Instead of choosing an ordinary rug, you can just choose rug with strong pattern or texture. Of course, it has to be made of soft materials.

If you think that it is hard to decorate a bedroom for teenager you can think twice. The teenage bedroom decorating ideas above give enough inspiration for you.

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Planting Roses; Create Your Own Rose Garden

Planting roses is one of the most enjoyable activities in gardening. Gardening roses is way more fun if you do it in your spare time, in the middle of your heavy schedule. Believe it or not, roses give you sense of happiness when you plant and see them grow. By having roses in your back or front yard, you can please the eyes that see them, gives more oxygen, and of course help to fertilize the soil. If you are currently fond of gardening and planting roses, then it will be better for you to also know and acknowledge the tips and tricks to plant, care, and to grow your own roses. The following paragraphs will lead you to some of the most used ways to grow roses perfectly.


Planting Roses Using Stem Technique
Basically, there are three kinds of types of planting roses. They are using stem of roses, grafting, and using seeds. But the easiest and the one with the fastest result is by applying the technique of roses stem. By planting roses with stem of roses, you can apply flowerpot as a media for the stem to grow later as roses. This is easier compared to the other two techniques.

Flowerpot that you used is suggested to be made of regular material that is friendly to soil such as cement or clay. The reason of this usage is because those materials can absorb the mineral, oxygen, and also sun light through their pores. Using plastic flowerpot can ruin the root of roses instead. Plastic does not give a room for oxygen because of their lack of pores. This will not give roots to grow perfectly then rotten, die. Care your roses in details.

Let’s start with cutting the stem of roses. When you begin to choose the stem that you are about to cut, take the stem in the middle of the branch. Do not ever try to take and cut the stem that is still young or being in an edge of the branch. Those parts will not grow perfectly. Make sure to cut the stem off using a sharp knife or scissors. If you use the blunt one, the left part will go unabsorbed by water. Besides, you have to cut in a sloping position. The right position can help growing the roses faster.

Then put the stem to the flowerpot you prepared along with the fertilizer, then you water them all. Put the flowerpot in the non-sun-light area so it will help the young leaf to grow, until some weeks later you put the flowerpot into the sun light area, ready for its time growing the roses.

Growing roses is not as difficult as you have thought before. But it needs a little more extra work hard and time to see them grow. All you need is some right elements to support your rose plantation project. The main elements are fertile soil, fertilizer (organic is the best), and water. The other element needed is some stones to be put underneath the flowerpot so that the water will be absorbed to the ground.

Caring Rose Flowers
If you see the young leaves growing taller and healthier, then it is a time for you to take care of them more often. Give nutritious food such as natural or organic fertilizer. You can ask the florist nearby about the types. You can pour the fertilizer around the area or put it deep underneath the soil, or even add some water to the fertilizer and water it to the plant. Caring rose flowers can be done by watering them twice in the morning and evening, if the sun lights on; but if not, you can do it once in the morning only.

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The Elements You Should Bring in Vintage Bathroom Renovation

Faucets, metal, wood, patterned fabrics are the main elements that should be included in vintage bathroom renovation. The classic, timeless, and never out of style appeal make vintage style always becomes the popular option. For your today vintage bath, use these following elements to bring into your bathroom.

vintage wash basin

Vintage Typical Sinks

1. Pedestal Sink
A pedestal sink is a sink with its basin supported by a single porcelain leg. The base or single leg is designed to conceal the plumbing to give more elegant looks. This classic sink doesn’t take up much space visually so it’s great for smaller bathroom while still looks fashionable.

2. Console Sink
In 1900-1920, sanitation became very important in bathroom so console sink spurred up as a popular bathroom feature. A console sink has mounted legs that exposing its plumbing underneath to allow the openness for ventilation and cleaning thoroughly.

Subway Tiles

For classic choice of vintage bathroom renovation, subway tiles come into popularity. This type of tile was called with “subway tile” because New York City used simple white tiles for its underground transit system back in 1904. It became a huge hit between American homeowners because of offering clean looks and low maintenance. You can choose 3” x 6” tiles to create a graphic look for your vintage styled bathroom.

Cove Moldings

Cove molding gives a finishing touch for subway tile to complement the vintage looks. You may find cove molding in most vintage bathroom to frame the subway tiles where meet the walls. That’s why, in order to bring authenticity into your bathroom space, you should add cove molding in.

Faucets with Ceramic Handles

Faucets with ceramic handles are a must-feature should be installed in your vintage bathroom. Faucets with polished chrome finishes and white ceramic handles have been popular since 20’s even now to give classic period look.

Vintage Bathtub Type

Speaking of vintage bathtub type, claw-foot tub is a classic addition to stylish your timeless bathroom. A claw-foot tub is a freestanding tub supported by four short animal-like feet. In the past, it was made from cast iron, but now you can find in acrylic to serve a lighter tub.

For more classic atmosphere, don’t forget to bring in shower curtain ring to complete your vintage bathtub. Not only giving you more privacy, the curtain also gives you a comfy feeling with this draped canopy.

In vintage style bathroom, Carrara marble is the best choice. Its white and grey pattern combination creates a unique and amazing veins that make this marble looks gorgeous. The marble is mostly used for vanity tops, backsplash, and floor tiles.

The last feature to add more sophisticated, elegant, and vintage looks is chandelier. Placing it above your master bathtub, look at how it gives an extra dose of elegant look in your vintage bathroom.

Subway tiles, pedestal sink, faucets, claw-foot tub, etc. are the main elements of vintage bathroom features. So, make sure you have purchase the features above before starting your vintage bathroom renovation. Good luck with your renovation and remodeling project!

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5 Simple Decoration Ideas for Apartment

For people who live in an apartment with rather small living spaces, apartment decorating that can improve its atmosphere and prevent it from appearing too cramped is essential. With simple decor, an impression of space can effectively be created in an apartment.

There is no bulky and expensive furnishing and decorative element required as the decor is expected to be simple. With smart decor idea that only involves adding small and inexpensive elements and modifying already installed elements, a small apartment will feel airier and more spacious. It will also look great and elegant.

Simple things and ideas can be applied without too much hassle, so it might be suitable for dwellers who don’t have much spare time.

There are several simple decoration ideas to make your apartment look and feel better. The ideas that are to be elaborated below are also applicable to other types of residence with limited interior space.

• Make the interior look brighter.

Brightness creates an illusion of space. To make the interior of your apartment look brighter, you need to use brighter and softer hues on most decorative elements that you use in your apartment. Using bright-colored paint for the wall and floor, semitransparent window curtains that allow a portion of sunray to enter the apartment, mirrors and metallic objects, and neutral colors for the rest of the décor will make the apartment look roomier.

• Save the space with minimalist furnishings.

A solid coffee table and a large bookshelf will obviously consume a large amount of space. Instead of using those bulky furnishings, try to use simpler and more minimalist ones. A small see-through acrylic table and a floating shelf are considered more space-saving. Try to apply this philosophy when dealing with other furnishings and decorative elements that you have in your apartment and you can make your apartment look cleaner and airier.

• Use multifunctional furnishings.

Instead of using table to put your remote, consider using an ottoman with built-in tray. This kind of ottoman can function both as a seat and a remote holder. There are many other multifunctional furnishings that you can use in your apartment, such as a computer desk with built-in bookshelves and a bed frame with drawers underneath. You can truly save a lot of space if you use those furnishings.

• Don’t waste valuable space in corners.

Many furnishings can actually be fixed to corners. Corner sofa, bookshelf, bathroom vanity and shower unit, and reading chair, can actually sit neatly in corners. Therefore, rather than leaving the corners of your apartment empty, make use of them effectively using those furnishings.

• Use decorations that improve your apartment’s atmosphere.

You can create a sense of space in your apartment by bringing the natural elements of the outdoors inside your apartment. Hang some of greenery on the wall, put a large vase with flowers on empty corners, and leave your windows open to allow fresh air to enter the apartment.

By blending the interior of your apartment with its exterior, the walls of your apartment will not be too restricting anymore. This is a simple apartment decorating idea that will make your apartment look and feel better.

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Things to Consider when Choosing Bathroom Floor

Are you looking for bathroom flooring solution? This is a common situation when you want to build a new bathroom or remodel an old one. A bathroom is exposed to water almost every moment so we need special materials and designs to build a good bathroom. This is why we need a special approach to choose bathroom floors.

Here are some points to consider.

Water has ability to destroy materials because of its natural characteristics, especially if the materials are constantly exposed to water. Water also makes high humidity in the room. That’s why we need flooring materials that are able to withstand water along the way.

Bathroom is prone to cleaning problems due to many factors. Besides robust feature, it is important to have floor which is easy to clean. This thing is important to prevent it from staining which makes harder to clean. Dirty floor is more slippery than the clean one.

Designs & Color
Design is related to how do you want your bathroom look like. Bathroom flooring options are now available in attractive designs and motifs. You can make sure that you have nice and good looking decor with a wide variety of design options.

This is up to your tastes in choosing your favorite colors. However, I would suggest choosing light-colored pieces of floor. They not only give warm atmosphere but also help to detect health problems. Light-colored pieces also tell you which spot to clean. Don’t worry, there are many options regarding color, shape, and size. Good designs not only give beautiful looks but also reduce slippery.

There is a large number of designs made from various different materials. Natural stone, wood, and linoleum are common materials which are used for bathroom floors. Ceramic, marble, limestone, and granite are types of stones. Each type of flooring has unique characteristics which demand different treatment and care to keep it looks fresh and sustainable.

Since the types are now available with many designs and materials, people are provided with a wide range of prices. Materials made from natural stones usually have higher pricing range due to their attractive look and longevity.

Installation must be conducted and finished professionally no matter what type of flooring you choose for the room. Improper installation can cause warping, buckling, and cracking in just a relatively short period of time after installation. Hiring professional services may be a sound choice to do this job.

There might be many other factors to consider out there, you can do further queries, good luck with your projects!

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