10 Most Popular Styles of Bathroom Design Remodeling

Kinds of bathroom design always become popular styles to apply in bathroom remodeling. The designs aren’t always modern; many people also love classic styles that let them fly to the past time atmosphere. Besides, all elements that bring great functions are also commonly chosen for the design.

bathroom remodeling

  • Mediterranean Inspiration

Some Mediterranean countries’ styles often inspire many people in the world to design their home interior, including the bathroom. As the result, the design creates the combination of styles of the old world from the hand painted terra cotta and the glitz from the metallic elements.

Some other also choose mosaic tiles to the bathroom space. The tiles application doesn’t need a large area; only on the backsplash, tub or shower area to add special accent. Here you can find some tips to choose bathroom floor.

There are many more Mediterranean styles to apply as your bathroom design that combines old and new look.

  • Bathroom with Smart Storage

Remodeling a bathroom to make more smart storage is also the trendiest design of bathroom in all time. Utilize the vertical space to create more storage up the wall but not wasting the space.

For those who love applying classic look, it is a great idea to apply antique furniture pieces instead of built in cabinetry. Besides, choosing the open shelves is practical idea to create a bathroom remodeling result in trendy look.

  • Classic White Theme

Old school white subway tiles are something great to create a bathroom with never-ending design style. You can combine the tiles with kinds of other elements including classic furniture and fixtures, casual industrial things, etc. Also combine the classic white with dark colors such as black or grey.

These color combination is easier to maintain for the less likely to be stained with soap residue and mold.

  • Easy to Use

Bathroom design in more practical design is also always popular all the time, such as vanities, toilets, faucets, etc. in comfort height. Many people also choose curbless showers for their new bathroom for a reason of easy to clean and bigger look of the bathroom.

Besides, applying floating vanities is also a great idea to make easy to use and stylish bathroom. The easy to use bathroom is also mostly chosen design for the reason to gain the resale value of the home. With a nice design of bathroom, many people also get interested to buy the home.

  • Three Dimensional Tiles Application

The application of monochromatic tiles is mostly inspired by Hollywood regencies. It creates high style design that comes with 70s funk’s little nod. There are many patterns of three dimensional tiles to choose such as the intertwining circles that offer elegant art deco and pop art of 60s.

Besides, you can also choose symmetrical patterns and organic waves, or another pattern that blends the entire design.

  • Media and Music Fixtures

It is also more common today; applying electronics into the bathroom remodeling project for the practical reasons or even for more relaxation. Docking stations, wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices, etc. are commonly installed near the showerheads, mirrors, or the vanities.

Even some bathroom fixtures come with such features today. With a TV installed in a bathroom, you can enjoy relaxation more while watching your favorite shows. Besides, it also enables you knowing the news or weather information while preparing your day.

  • Towel Warmers and Heater under the Floor

It is another feature to have to create a trendy bathroom. You can make the bathroom more luxurious with extra warmth added for your toes and also fresh towels. The bathroom must feel much more comfortable; even in the mornings of winter.

Besides, in-floor heater is effective and energy efficient for the warmth starts warming from the bottom. On the other hand, it is enough to have a towel warmer that is more economical; starts from $100.

  • Luxurious Shower Designs

Based on the data of National Kitchen and Bath Association, more people love having showers rather than bathtubs today. That is why the installation of water jets, spa body sprays, and high tech showerheads is more common.

More homeowners remodel their bathroom design with steam showers and some showerheads. Add more features to improve the luxury look such as the Zen design on the walk-in shower that actually isn’t expensive.

  • Bold Lighting Design

Even it is only a smaller space inside your home, you can apply bold lighting inside the bathroom, such as ornate chandelier, funky pendants, and also uniquely designed sconces. Apply up light and down light to make the vanity perfectly illuminated.

If the space available, it is also a unique idea to install a table lamp. Or you can choose another great idea of lighting to make perfect your bathroom remodeling.

  • Fire Features

Having a fire feature is also a great idea if you have enough budget. Choose the ventless fire features that are less expensive and easy bringing more warmth to the bathroom. The fire feature in master bathroom could increase the resale value of the home as well as the romantic atmosphere in the bathroom design.

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Applying Color Decor Scheme as Therapy

Doing a little color decor scheme in your life brings so much good impact on you. Color is not enough to be just looked at, it has to be felt, there inside of your heart. When you heart has already felt a tingling sensation, it will transfer right into your brain.


Make it work, have some fun with the color surrounds you, your house, your office, your garden. They will lighten your mood up, they will bring goodness into your life, and they will work well to your brains as well.

Applying color, though, is like following your mood when you want to have a little stain on your lips, for a lipstick. Or applying color can also feel like following your mood, when you choose this belt instead of that belt to work. It applies in your regular basis.

The same with color, involving it is not only related to room decor: but it can also be your note book decor, your garden decor, and other decor you see in your life. When color has been very important then, why is it so?

The Fact

Let us all acknowledge the importance of colors in our life in a matter of psychology fact. Color is believed and proven to bring positive signal and music to human brains. Color will increase one’s mood, one’s energy, one’s lack of ability of something.

In other words, color can be the representation of your mood, as well as giving it a chance to come into your life and decide your mood for the day. So, have you asked yourself about what kind of signal and music you want color to be in your daily basis? And why is it important?

As important as choosing a right lipstick for your lips, and choosing a belt to go to work, color can define a concentration, harmony, and a balance life of someone. Color can also bring a good impact for your daily intake of anti-stress.

Well, if you are way too far from stress, your face will slightly look younger. Then it can be functioned as an anti-aging, indeed. Look how color can do so much things to you. Thus, it does apply in the concept of chromo therapy, where color is the one and only culprit you can blame, in a good way.

Through Chromo Therapy

Chromo therapy involves self, mind, body, and soul healing. It will give you a great impact. It will also absolutely clear one’s mind, balancing one’s body, and acting as a soul healing. A natural therapy a color can give can also be applied into the room you have.

it is not only applied in your basis room such as bedroom or living room, but also other rooms that at first do not seem so appealing for you. However, trying to figure out of this will be so much fun.

No architect required. You just only need to ask yourself about what you need as a part of chromo therapy training. Can you do it by yourself? The real question is: why not?

Knowing What You Need

First, you have to know and acknowledge the things you need. For instance, why do you need a color therapy decor in your house? The place that is called home and be home for you.

Knowing the reasons will lead you to find out the things you need. Like, what seems to be the problem in you? Do you find it difficult to concentrate? What seems to bother you at work, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or elsewhere you can find yourself put a hand on your chin? As much as you want to know that, your body and mind are connecting one another.

The Colorful Places That Should Be It

Let’s start from the place you are mostly spending your time with: your office. If you find that you are lack of concentration, you can apply yellow as your color decor scheme. Yellow is very good to increase one’s concentration, making it possible for you to dig more about what you are going to need at work.

Make sure that the yellow is pretty soft, so it will not bother your brains right away. Bold colors are needed, but a little shout out to softer ones will cause your brains to stimulate a calmness. Believe it or not? Why don’t you try?

Let’s then moving on to one part of your home that invests your energy, as well as giving it back to you, like your own personal heaven: the bedroom. Bedroom is supposed to be giving you a relaxing feeling, like once when you are in the beach and playing with your kids and their sandcastles. Or the one you find when you are traveling to a mountain!

So what could be better than having blue or green applied in your bedroom? You can always match the color with your rugs, bed sheets, pillow, or the ornaments. Calming is the keyword.

If you belong to a family who likes to cook, to spend their time together in a kitchen, or the one who struggles to encourage their children to eat, red could be very good to be applied in your kitchen. Red gives an extra energy to your food, making it possible for you to have more food than you usually do.

That could be bitter sweet, though, if you are on your diet. But it is a good one to have when you have a toddler who likes to refuse their food. Red is hot. Red is that appealing sensation, giving them access to chew more, eat more, and be healthy more.

A little tips to occupy with: once when you have done your job to plan everything with this color decor scheme as your therapy, make sure that everything in those colors is balance. Balancing them is a pretty hard work to do, but there are so many DIYs right now and you can have just a sneak peek to them.

They are absolutely worth to see. The last, involve your family to choose the one they like, after all, this color therapy decor thing is aimed to bring happiness and goodness in your household. Happy coloring!

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How to Plant Beautiful Flowers in Your Window Box

Planting flowers in a window box can be an alternative for those of you who live in a cramped area or apartment, or you just want to apply new decorating ideas for your house. Usually, all the windows just left empty without any frills. If using the ornaments, the ornament that is often used is the trellis and drapery. On the outside, the window is left blank with no ornament. Although ornament with gypsum material is beautiful, but this decoration seem boring. Therefore you need other decorations so that your window is more gorgeous and beautiful when seen from the outside.

floral decoration

One way is by planting flowers in a window box. You do not need to be confused for your gardening hobby into a narrow area. Many ways of gardening that you can apply to decorate your house or apartment with a fresh crop. Live plants serve to make your home become more cool and pretty. If you are tired after a long day of work at the computer, then you can directly open the window and see the green of your plants.

The Advantage of Planting Plant in Your Home
Many benefits you can enjoy when you are planting flowers in a window box. The appearance of your window will look more beautiful and gorgeous. Your home will be more fresh and cool. If your plants have bright colors and contrast with your windows, then blend the color will be more beautiful and attractive. Here are some tips for planting flowers in a window box:

Build a strong box made of cement and sand. You can provide a framework of iron bones. Arrange the framework in accordance with the design or pattern you like. Then you can close the frame with cement and sand. The process is performed similarly to the manufacture of wall.

It is important that you should not forget is to give a hole at the bottom of the planting medium to sewer. These holes are made just like a hole in the pot so the water would instantly fall down. If under no floor, so the hole can be given a hose or tube so that the floor is not stained with water used to spray the flowers. The pipe can be planted on the wall like a pipe normally used to drain the rain.

You can also use other materials such as metal or wood. Plants are not directly planted in the box, but the plants placed in the pot are then placed in a window box. You must create a box that is full and tightly so the pot is not visible.

You should also pay attention to the direction you open the lid on the window. If shutters are outside when it was opened, then the plant box should be slightly downward so that the plants do not obstruct the window when it is opened. If the position of the shutters is inside, then the plant box should be parallel to the window so that the plant can be seen from inside the room.

You can choose a beautiful short crop. Do not choose plants that are too high because the plant can block your view and instead will make your home window looks spooky.

Tips to Decorate the Windows with Flowers
Choose plants according to the weather in your area. If your area is available sun all day, then you can choose plants that love the sun.

Cut the plastic bag and place it in your window box. These plastic bags can facilitate you to move or change your plants.

• Mix the soil and organic fertilizer. Usually organic fertilizer for plants in pots is already available on the market. Give a little water until the water you do not give too much to trickle down. Stir until well blended perfectly.

Cut the plastic bag in your plant, and then move the plants to a planting medium that you have prepared.

Do not plant crops at a distance that is too close. Give space between plants with each other so that growth was good and not collide with each other.

Such plants can make your eyes fresh and the atmosphere in your home becomes cool. In his spare time, you can enjoy your beautiful plants from indoors while sitting or reading a book. Making the plant in this window is also quite cheap. Happy planting flowers in a window box.

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Bringing New Designs To The Home

Two of the busiest rooms in the home are the kitchen and the bathroom. These are rooms that are essential for the family in numerous ways. You cook and enjoy meals together in the kitchen and get clean in the bathroom. There are a few kitchen and bath design St Louis companies that have ideas for trends to look for in the next few months that are sure to bring about a relaxing environment in the home as well as one that is comforting.

Soft colors for the kitchen are something to watch for as they bring a comfortable atmosphere and one that is rather charming. White will still be a color that you will see a good bit of, but you’ll also see colors that include charcoal, chocolate and beige. These colors make it easy to blend any color of appliance as well as different colors of accessories in the room. Blues and greens will be seen as accent colors.

Mirrored backsplashes and brass fixtures will likely be seen in the kitchen. Glossy surfaces will also be noticed. While these are easier to keep clean, they will also bring more shine to the room than is sometimes needed, decreasing the need for a lot of lighting in the kitchen. An integrated kitchen and living space will be something to watch for in smaller homes as well as new homes as families are looking for ways to bring everyone closer together.

In the bathroom, you’ll begin to see more walk-in showers instead of those that have a tub. Some bathrooms will keep the traditional tub and shower design, but this will usually be reserved for families with children or those who want to relax in the bathroom. Pedestal tubs will be a popular trend with stand-alone showers. Cooler tones, such as green and blue, will be used on the walls and with many of the decorations and linens that you see in the bathroom. Another trend will be fun tile patterns, such as waves or zig-zag lines. Bright colors blended on the bathroom wall will also be seen in homes.

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Several Tips to Build the Waterproofing Basement Walls

If you trying to find out about how to cure your wet or musty basements. You may wonder about the several advertisement products that had claimed for your waterproof basement walls. You also curious, is it really worth to dry out the basement with the sealing the walls?

Yes, this is possible and you should ensure that you choose the best one. You should know the moisture is coming from the outside factor or if it is actually get the high humidity which condensing on the cool walls in your basements.

You should know the cause of your wet basements in order to decide the best solutions that will suit with your problems and for your basement maintenance. If you do not know what the causes, you will be end up with the several products that will never give you the best solution. One of the things that you will need is the suit foundation waterproofing for your basements.

How to Find Out the Causing of Moisture?

You can tape the 1 foot square piece of aluminum foil for the inside of basement walls, and leave it around 24 hours. If there is a condensation in the outside of the foil, this is means that you have the high humidity in your basement. You can fix it with the portable room dehumidifier or the humidifier systems than using the waterproofing products. In case of severe damage happened, you may need professional foundation repair services.

If the foils have condensation inside of the surface (next the walls), it may cause by the soil around your house is natural that come from the high water table or poor of soil drainage. In this case, you can choose foundation waterproofing products for your basement that can be useful as well.

You can waterproof in your interior walls, which may be able to solve your problem. Or you can waterproof your exterior walls, which is better, but costly.

4 Simple Tips of the Interior Waterproofing:

1. The concrete waterproofing coating.

This is the thick coatings like the cement, once dry and adhere permanently to concrete your masonry walls. You can apply the coating use the heavy brush that made from tampico bristles or a natural fiber. You can swirl the brush for the final stage from the application to give the attractive walls and finished look as well.

The concrete of waterproof coatings cannot be applied in the previous surface that had been painted, you need check the label.

2. Silicate based on concrete sealers.

This is also known as the identifiers that also suitable for the walls that have not been painted or sealed before. The sealers soak in and the chemically substances will blend with the materials inside the concrete or brick, then forming hard and make the waterproof surface.

Because this silicate can penetrate the sealers, they cannot flake or peel as well, you can paint over them as well. you can apply the silicate based sealer with the brush, roller or sprayer that easier for your DIY project.

3. Using the waterproofing paint.

Waterproofing paint is the acrylic formula and not all of that are different from the usual wall paint. But you roll, spray or brush it on much more thickly than usual.

The waterproof paint is a good option for your DIY project. You can apply it over the painted surface before.

4. Using the plastic sheet and panels.

The plastic sheet and panels are suit for your waterproofing walls that you can combine with the interior basement drainage systems as well. They cannot stop the water from your walls. But they stop from several ruining causes in your basements.

The water which passed your wall will run down in the back of plastic sheet, into the drainage systems in your basement floors.

These all of tips above can be your solution ways to waterproofing your basement walls. However, the exterior waterproofing may be the best solution. You can apply the full scale of exterior waterproofing, but it may be costly as well.

This is because the exterior waterproofing will include of excavating in around of your house to the full depth from the foundation walls, then install the waterproof coating or the membrane top with the drainage panel. The panel will give the easier way for the water flow. But, these all depend on your need.

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Fashion Fur – Luxurious Pieces For A Fraction of The Price

Some fashions stay in and some disappear, but when it comes to the beauty and timelessness of fur, it’s a different story.

Vogue magazine says that “Fur fits into every trend in fashion.”

How true, because its versatility as a garment can create major style and offer warmth, polish, practicality and sheer elegance.

Real fur is gorgeous, and although faux fur is cute and cheap, it doesn’t have quite the same effect in looks, texture, weight or appeal. Investing in genuine fur is an intelligent fashion decision, as its longevity seems forever, and its status as a style garment allows you to wear it with any ensemble and accessory in every decade to come.

Affording a fur garment doesn’t have to mean depleting your savings account. There are all kinds of furs for all kinds of occasions and wear at the perfect budget for you. There is much more to offer than a full length fur coat.

Today, modern fur provides flexibility in the way of a stunning fur gilet or glam fur poncho. Both style types are designed in “ageless” shapes that flatter every woman’s figure.

Your wardrobe will go up in sophistication when you add even one fur garment like the classic real fur gilet. Famous faces like Pippa Middleton, Olivia Palermo, Ciara and Elizabeth Hurley all fancy the gilet, because it looks remarkable with casual pieces and even formal attire. Long or short, made with fox, coney or a combination of both or dyed in pretty pastels, a fur vest adds an exquisite touch and feels so soft and warm. Tassels, pockets, hoods and collars, your fur vest offers great-looking choices in style. Layered during the winter months, like over a parka, is the hot trend of the moment.

The fur poncho features another show-stopping classic that’s both playful and feminine. A poncho like this can be worn through all the seasons, as its ideal lightweight form is forever comfortable. A poncho designed in fur is a smart choice, because it can adapt to whatever fashion vibe you wish to portray, like relaxing with jeans or leggings or wearing it over your favorite dress on a special evening. This fur garment is the perfect traveler for you. Popular coney fur makes an excellent poncho and comes in lots of pretty shades like Mocha, Dark Pink, Chocolate Brown, White or Black. Some make your poncho even sassier, with a border of pom poms.

Ask any woman who has ever owned a fur garment, and she will tell you about the wonderful sensuality the piece exudes. No other fabric or material stands up to the brilliance of real fur. Whether you choose an affordable fur filet or fur poncho to enhance your wardrobe, you will instantly appear elegant and sophisticated as a modern woman of the moment.

Try a fur garment on, and cozy up to the world outdoors. You will feel the warmth.

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