Applying Color Decor Scheme as Therapy

Doing a little color decor scheme in your life brings so much good impact on you. Color is not enough to be just looked at, it has to be felt, there inside of your heart. When you heart has already felt a tingling sensation, it will transfer right into your brain.


Make it work, have some fun with the color surrounds you, your house, your office, your garden. They will lighten your mood up, they will bring goodness into your life, and they will work well to your brains as well.

Applying color, though, is like following your mood when you want to have a little stain on your lips, for a lipstick. Or applying color can also feel like following your mood, when you choose this belt instead of that belt to work. It applies in your regular basis.

The same with color, involving it is not only related to room decor: but it can also be your note book decor, your garden decor, and other decor you see in your life. When color has been very important then, why is it so?

The Fact

Let us all acknowledge the importance of colors in our life in a matter of psychology fact. Color is believed and proven to bring positive signal and music to human brains. Color will increase one’s mood, one’s energy, one’s lack of ability of something.

In other words, color can be the representation of your mood, as well as giving it a chance to come into your life and decide your mood for the day. So, have you asked yourself about what kind of signal and music you want color to be in your daily basis? And why is it important?

As important as choosing a right lipstick for your lips, and choosing a belt to go to work, color can define a concentration, harmony, and a balance life of someone. Color can also bring a good impact for your daily intake of anti-stress.

Well, if you are way too far from stress, your face will slightly look younger. Then it can be functioned as an anti-aging, indeed. Look how color can do so much things to you. Thus, it does apply in the concept of chromo therapy, where color is the one and only culprit you can blame, in a good way.

Through Chromo Therapy

Chromo therapy involves self, mind, body, and soul healing. It will give you a great impact. It will also absolutely clear one’s mind, balancing one’s body, and acting as a soul healing. A natural therapy a color can give can also be applied into the room you have.

it is not only applied in your basis room such as bedroom or living room, but also other rooms that at first do not seem so appealing for you. However, trying to figure out of this will be so much fun.

No architect required. You just only need to ask yourself about what you need as a part of chromo therapy training. Can you do it by yourself? The real question is: why not?

Knowing What You Need

First, you have to know and acknowledge the things you need. For instance, why do you need a color therapy decor in your house? The place that is called home and be home for you.

Knowing the reasons will lead you to find out the things you need. Like, what seems to be the problem in you? Do you find it difficult to concentrate? What seems to bother you at work, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or elsewhere you can find yourself put a hand on your chin? As much as you want to know that, your body and mind are connecting one another.

The Colorful Places That Should Be It

Let’s start from the place you are mostly spending your time with: your office. If you find that you are lack of concentration, you can apply yellow as your color decor scheme. Yellow is very good to increase one’s concentration, making it possible for you to dig more about what you are going to need at work.

Make sure that the yellow is pretty soft, so it will not bother your brains right away. Bold colors are needed, but a little shout out to softer ones will cause your brains to stimulate a calmness. Believe it or not? Why don’t you try?

Let’s then moving on to one part of your home that invests your energy, as well as giving it back to you, like your own personal heaven: the bedroom. Bedroom is supposed to be giving you a relaxing feeling, like once when you are in the beach and playing with your kids and their sandcastles. Or the one you find when you are traveling to a mountain!

So what could be better than having blue or green applied in your bedroom? You can always match the color with your rugs, bed sheets, pillow, or the ornaments. Calming is the keyword.

If you belong to a family who likes to cook, to spend their time together in a kitchen, or the one who struggles to encourage their children to eat, red could be very good to be applied in your kitchen. Red gives an extra energy to your food, making it possible for you to have more food than you usually do.

That could be bitter sweet, though, if you are on your diet. But it is a good one to have when you have a toddler who likes to refuse their food. Red is hot. Red is that appealing sensation, giving them access to chew more, eat more, and be healthy more.

A little tips to occupy with: once when you have done your job to plan everything with this color decor scheme as your therapy, make sure that everything in those colors is balance. Balancing them is a pretty hard work to do, but there are so many DIYs right now and you can have just a sneak peek to them.

They are absolutely worth to see. The last, involve your family to choose the one they like, after all, this color therapy decor thing is aimed to bring happiness and goodness in your household. Happy coloring!

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How to Plant Beautiful Flowers in Your Window Box

Planting flowers in a window box can be an alternative for those of you who live in a cramped area or apartment, or you just want to apply new decorating ideas for your house. Usually, all the windows just left empty without any frills. If using the ornaments, the ornament that is often used is the trellis and drapery. On the outside, the window is left blank with no ornament. Although ornament with gypsum material is beautiful, but this decoration seem boring. Therefore you need other decorations so that your window is more gorgeous and beautiful when seen from the outside.

floral decoration

One way is by planting flowers in a window box. You do not need to be confused for your gardening hobby into a narrow area. Many ways of gardening that you can apply to decorate your house or apartment with a fresh crop. Live plants serve to make your home become more cool and pretty. If you are tired after a long day of work at the computer, then you can directly open the window and see the green of your plants.

The Advantage of Planting Plant in Your Home
Many benefits you can enjoy when you are planting flowers in a window box. The appearance of your window will look more beautiful and gorgeous. Your home will be more fresh and cool. If your plants have bright colors and contrast with your windows, then blend the color will be more beautiful and attractive. Here are some tips for planting flowers in a window box:

Build a strong box made of cement and sand. You can provide a framework of iron bones. Arrange the framework in accordance with the design or pattern you like. Then you can close the frame with cement and sand. The process is performed similarly to the manufacture of wall.

It is important that you should not forget is to give a hole at the bottom of the planting medium to sewer. These holes are made just like a hole in the pot so the water would instantly fall down. If under no floor, so the hole can be given a hose or tube so that the floor is not stained with water used to spray the flowers. The pipe can be planted on the wall like a pipe normally used to drain the rain.

You can also use other materials such as metal or wood. Plants are not directly planted in the box, but the plants placed in the pot are then placed in a window box. You must create a box that is full and tightly so the pot is not visible.

You should also pay attention to the direction you open the lid on the window. If shutters are outside when it was opened, then the plant box should be slightly downward so that the plants do not obstruct the window when it is opened. If the position of the shutters is inside, then the plant box should be parallel to the window so that the plant can be seen from inside the room.

You can choose a beautiful short crop. Do not choose plants that are too high because the plant can block your view and instead will make your home window looks spooky.

Tips to Decorate the Windows with Flowers
Choose plants according to the weather in your area. If your area is available sun all day, then you can choose plants that love the sun.

Cut the plastic bag and place it in your window box. These plastic bags can facilitate you to move or change your plants.

• Mix the soil and organic fertilizer. Usually organic fertilizer for plants in pots is already available on the market. Give a little water until the water you do not give too much to trickle down. Stir until well blended perfectly.

Cut the plastic bag in your plant, and then move the plants to a planting medium that you have prepared.

Do not plant crops at a distance that is too close. Give space between plants with each other so that growth was good and not collide with each other.

Such plants can make your eyes fresh and the atmosphere in your home becomes cool. In his spare time, you can enjoy your beautiful plants from indoors while sitting or reading a book. Making the plant in this window is also quite cheap. Happy planting flowers in a window box.

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Planting Roses; Create Your Own Rose Garden

Planting roses is one of the most enjoyable activities in gardening. Gardening roses is way more fun if you do it in your spare time, in the middle of your heavy schedule. Believe it or not, roses give you sense of happiness when you plant and see them grow. By having roses in your back or front yard, you can please the eyes that see them, gives more oxygen, and of course help to fertilize the soil. If you are currently fond of gardening and planting roses, then it will be better for you to also know and acknowledge the tips and tricks to plant, care, and to grow your own roses. The following paragraphs will lead you to some of the most used ways to grow roses perfectly.


Planting Roses Using Stem Technique
Basically, there are three kinds of types of planting roses. They are using stem of roses, grafting, and using seeds. But the easiest and the one with the fastest result is by applying the technique of roses stem. By planting roses with stem of roses, you can apply flowerpot as a media for the stem to grow later as roses. This is easier compared to the other two techniques.

Flowerpot that you used is suggested to be made of regular material that is friendly to soil such as cement or clay. The reason of this usage is because those materials can absorb the mineral, oxygen, and also sun light through their pores. Using plastic flowerpot can ruin the root of roses instead. Plastic does not give a room for oxygen because of their lack of pores. This will not give roots to grow perfectly then rotten, die. Care your roses in details.

Let’s start with cutting the stem of roses. When you begin to choose the stem that you are about to cut, take the stem in the middle of the branch. Do not ever try to take and cut the stem that is still young or being in an edge of the branch. Those parts will not grow perfectly. Make sure to cut the stem off using a sharp knife or scissors. If you use the blunt one, the left part will go unabsorbed by water. Besides, you have to cut in a sloping position. The right position can help growing the roses faster.

Then put the stem to the flowerpot you prepared along with the fertilizer, then you water them all. Put the flowerpot in the non-sun-light area so it will help the young leaf to grow, until some weeks later you put the flowerpot into the sun light area, ready for its time growing the roses.

Growing roses is not as difficult as you have thought before. But it needs a little more extra work hard and time to see them grow. All you need is some right elements to support your rose plantation project. The main elements are fertile soil, fertilizer (organic is the best), and water. The other element needed is some stones to be put underneath the flowerpot so that the water will be absorbed to the ground.

Caring Rose Flowers
If you see the young leaves growing taller and healthier, then it is a time for you to take care of them more often. Give nutritious food such as natural or organic fertilizer. You can ask the florist nearby about the types. You can pour the fertilizer around the area or put it deep underneath the soil, or even add some water to the fertilizer and water it to the plant. Caring rose flowers can be done by watering them twice in the morning and evening, if the sun lights on; but if not, you can do it once in the morning only.

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3 Home Basement Maintenance Tips

Basement, often overlooked part of a house, actually has a great potential to transform your house into a more convenient, comfortable or even entertaining living place. As long as it is well maintained, it can always be as comfortable and as essential as the other parts of your house.

Whether you use your basement as storage and laundry area or a media room where you can enjoy great entertainment, you need to make sure that your basement is perfectly taken care of. Basement maintenance is necessary especially because its underground location, which makes it prone to excessive humidity, moisture and leak.

Here you can read about 3 ideas to maintain your basement and to make it one of the best parts of your house.

  • Check all sources of common basement problems

Problems in your basement don’t come from nowhere. There are several parts inside and outside your house that often become the sources of those problems. Gutters and downspouts should be the first parts to check as they bring rainwater from the roof to the ground.

Make sure that the gutters are in good condition and that the downspouts direct the water at least 5 feet away from the foundation. Also check the grading to make sure that the water is properly directed away from the foundation at the ground level.

To avoid basement flooding, you need to check the wells outside your basement windows for clogging and to make sure that your sump pump works perfectly. Your next task is to check ductwork and pipework for leak as well as cracks on the wall. Check them thoroughly and make sure that there is no leaky spot that may cause problem.

  • Assess all possible symptoms

Problematic basement may show some symptoms that indicate the presence of looming problems. If there is mold and mildew growing on certain part of the wall or floor, you know that moisture must already be a problem in your basement. You may also check the level of radon in your basement.

There is a meter that you can buy and use to check radon level. Radon is a radioactive element that comes from rock and soil under and around your basement. As it is radioactive, it may pose serious problem if you don’t check and control it regularly.

Another obvious symptom that you can check is pest. If you see cockroaches, ants, or mice running around your basement, it might be the right time for you to use pest killer or to hire a pest exterminator.

  • Give your basement a better function

Problems with your basement will mostly recur if you leave it decrepit. A basement is usually used as storage or laundry area of a house, which makes it almost a negligible part of a house. By making it a part that gives more meaning—and value—to your house, you will be more enthusiastic to keep it in perfect condition.

Instead of leaving it useless, use it as a media room, a leisure space, or a second living room in your house. With better function, your basement will always have better condition.

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Improve the Look and Feel of Your Media Room with Custom Media Wall

Media room, multimedia or entertainment room is a room in your house where you can enjoy multimedia entertainment. Media room is mostly equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia devices that allow you to experience ultimate multimedia enjoyment. Due to this role, a media room is usually filled with audio and video devices, home theater system, gadgets, a lot of wires, and many other things that often don’t fit the room’s design and often make the room look messy.

It is not impossible to make media room look and feel better, especially if you use custom media wall to remodel it. With this wall, the room will not only look neater, but also feel much cozier, more comfortable, and—most importantly—more entertaining. You can greatly improve the look and feel of your media room by using the best custom media wall arrangement.

What Is Custom Media Wall?

Custom media wall is a drywall arrangement with customized design that allows the wall to house media room elements, to conceal elements that make the room look messy, and to display only elements that are worthy of display. Custom media wall arrangement can fit into any types of room decor. In fact, with this wall installed in such room, its decor and atmosphere will greatly improve.

When remodeling a media room using this wall, other decorative elements of the room, including lighting, furniture arrangement, and room decorations, will also be refashioned. The result is a cohesive and harmonious interior decoration that incorporates all elements of interior design to enhance the atmosphere of the room with custom drywall as the centerpiece.

Why Drywall?

There are two types of wall that are commonly used in the interior of a house: the traditional lath and plaster and drywall. Each has its pros and cons which are not to be discussed here, but there are several reasons why drywall is a better choice for custom media wall.

Drywall is faster to construct.

Drywall is a panel consisting of gypsum sandwiched between a pair of thick paper sheets. Constructing it is as simple as arranging and screwing the wallboards and finishing the joints. While the application of plaster for an entire house can last for at least one week, the construction period of a house using drywall can conclude in only 4 days.

If drywall is used to remodel a media room, the entire project can be accomplished in two days or faster.

Drywall allows flexible wall customization.

With drywall, it is possible to design intricate curves, indentations and niches that allow media devices to be properly housed and exhibited. This is the greatest feature that makes drywall a perfect choice for custom media wall. With the flexibility of drywall design that is almost boundless, there is almost no limit in what you can do when decorating your media room with custom drywall.

Drywall is cheap.

Compared to lath and plaster, drywall is substantially cheaper. You can make your media room look much more luxurious, but your whole remodeling project can still be made as cost-effective as possible.

There are many more benefits that you can reap if you decorate your media room with custom drywall. If you can specify every detail of your media room decor, you will be able to construct the best custom media wall arrangement for your media room and to incorporate other elements of the room’s decor.

These benefits are what offers to you if you are planning to conduct such remodeling project.

Let a Professional Do the Job

Media room remodeling with custom media wall can be an extensive remodeling project. When deciding about the aesthetical factor of the project, you need to use all of your artistic skills to create the best wall arrangement for the room. You also need to understand how to incorporate other decorative elements of the room to create a fully integrated interior decoration that looks elegant and harmonious.

Besides minding the aesthetical factor of your remodeling project, you also have to mind other factors, especially convenience, comfort and safety. The ultimate goal of your remodeling project is to make the room more convenient and comfortable than it used to be.

Because there are many electrical components in the room, safety also becomes a concern. You need to make sure that moisture, humidity and ventilation can be effectively controlled to avoid device’s overheating, electrical circuit failure, and other problems.

If you think that this whole remodeling project will be better done if you hire a professional, then you definitely need a professional help to accomplish it. Thunderbird Custom Design at can offer a great help to transform your media room if you reside in Phoenix.

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