Quick Guide of Planting Dahlia Flower

Have your own garden on your house might be one of the best ways to utilize your landscape so that the outdoor area of your house could look more attractive and beautiful. There are various types of plant that you could grow on your garden. One of them is flowers. You could choose various types of flowers to grow. One of the most popular types of flowers that you could grow on your garden is dahlia. If you want to grow dahlia on your garden, there are several important things that you should notice. You need to know every detail about planting dahlia flower so that you could get the best results.


Dahlia is one of the most popular perennials plants that you could grow on your garden. This type of flower is usually planted in the spring. Dahlia has colorful spiky flowers which usually bloom in midsummer until the first frost. Dahlia has a wide range of color and size. The size of the flower might range from 10-inch size to 2-inch size. Most varieties of dahlia grow four to five feet tall. This type of flower is not quite suitable for humid and extremely hot climates. However, dahlia bulbs could brighten up sunny garden with at least 120 days growing season. Dahlia will grow optimally and the flower will bloom an inch larger in cool and moist climates.

There are several tips that you could follow if you want to grow dahlia on your own garden. Below are the quick guides of planting dahlias that you could follow.

• Never plant dahlia in a hurry. Dahlia will be hard to grow in cold soil. Ground temperature where you’re going to grow dahlia should reach 60 degrees F. You need to wait until the danger of spring frost past before you start to plant.

• Plant dahlia on a plant site that get full sun. Dahlia will grow more blooms when it gets six to eight hours of direct sunlight. Dahlia loves sunlight in the morning best. You should choose a plant site with a bit protection from wind.

• Dahlia will grow best in well-drained soil with rich nutrients. The pH level of the soil should range from 6.5 to 7.0. If you want to grow dahlia on heavier soil, you might need to add sand, begged steer manure, or peat moss in order to loosen and lighten the texture of the soil for better drainage.

• You could plant bedding dahlia nine to twelve inches apart. Dahlia with small sized flower is usually 3 feet tall and should be spaced 2 feet apart. The taller plant with larger dahlia bulbs should be spaced 3 feet apart.

• When creating planting hole, it should be sized slightly larger than the size of the root ball of the plant. The planting hole also should incorporate sphagnum peat moss or some compost as well. You also could add bone meal into the planting hole as well.

• You should avoid dahlia tubers that look rotten or wrinkled. A little bit of green that appears during the growth is actually a good sign. Don’t cut or break individual dahlia bulbs as well.

• Plant the dahlia as a whole with six to eight inches deep facing up growing points. The crown of the plant should be just above the soil level.

• Tall plant with large sized flower will require support. You could use 5 to 6 feet tall stakes at planting time that are placed around plants and tie stems to the stakes as the plants grow.

• If you grow large sized dahlia or dahlia that is grown for cut flower, you could plant them in rows with dedicated plot on their own. Dahlia with low to medium height could mix well with other types of summer flower.

• Dahlia will start blooming about eight weeks after planting. It usually starts blooming in the middle of July.

• Other important aspect that you should notice about planting dahlia flower is watering. Do not water your plant right after planting. This will only encourage rot. You should wait until the sprouts appear above the soil if you want to water the plant.

• Don’t cover the plant with bark or mulch since it could cause the sprouting becomes more challenging. You could apply snail and slug bait to avoid pests.

If you pay attention to the details above, you will be able to get the best results when planting dahlia flower on your garden.

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How Can I Find The Right Interior Decorator?

interior design

One of the simplest and most effective ways to get your home in optimal condition is by hiring a great interior decorator. Yet with so many contractors to choose from, you may find the process of finding the right interior decorator overwhelming or intimidating. If this is the case, don’t worry. Your quest to find the right contractor can be incredibly easy and effective when you utilize the following search strategies:

1. Take Your Search Efforts Online.

One of the best ways to find the right interior decorator is to take your search efforts online. To get the process started, come up with a highly specific, relevant key phrase. A good example would be something like “Find Interior Decorator in San Francisco, California.” You’ll then be able to start reviewing the websites of firms and independent contractors who offer interior design services. Also note that online companies like www.web.com are pleased to provide clients with directories that provide listings of contractor leads for design work.

2. Obtain An In-Person Consultation.

While searching for an interior decorator online is a great way to save time and energy, you still need to obtain an in-person consultation. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that the interior decorator will be performing work in your home. As such, you need to ensure that the two of you have great rapport and are comfortable with one another. The consultation affords you the opportunity to make these determinations. You’ll also be able to ask any questions that the designer’s website didn’t address.

3. Take Your Time.

In many cases, homeowners become antsy and impatient with the search process because they want to whip their house into absolutely amazing condition immediately. However, finding the right interior designer may take time and you don’t want to rush the process. If you do, you may wind up settling for mediocre services that leave you dissatisfied and require even more work. With all of this in mind, don’t be hasty with the decision-making process. Review all the information available to you and sleep on it before you make your final choice.

Don’t Delay-Find The Ideal Interior Decorator Today

If you’re ready to take your home’s aesthetic to a new level of excellence, finding an innovative, internally motivated interior decorator can help you make it happen. To ensure that you attain access to the best interior decorator services available, utilize the search strategies outlined above!

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