Ikebana, the Japanese Traditional Art of Arranging Flowers

ikebanaIn the world of flowers arrangement arts, Ikebana is one of the popular schools. It’s not simply arranging flowers on a vase, but Japanese people have included the human and nature representing in the arrangement. Let’s learn how Ikebana is different with Western art of flower arrangements.

The Differences of Ikebana

In etymology, ikebana is a combination of two Japanese words, “ikeru” (means arrange flowers, keep alive, living) and “hana” (means flowers). So literally, Ikebana could possibly means flowers keep alive or giving life to flowers.

The flower arrangement in Western is arranging flowers in a vase symmetrically, while Ikebana is asymmetrical and more complex. Flowers, leaves, and stems are arranged beautifully to present the creative expression within certain rules of construction. The approach is focused on creating harmony within the flowering plants, container, and setting. The aesthetic value of Ikebana isn’t simply used as decorations but has a deep meaning as communication with nature.

The History of Ikebana

Ikebana is one of the oldest Japanese traditional arts. The history records traced that Ikebana was began when Buddhism introduced for the first time to Japanese in the 6th century. Offering flowers in altar was the worship way to give honor to Buddha. Then, in the 10th century, Japanese especially priest of the temple changed the way offering flowers in containers.

In the middle of 15th century, the oldest school of Ikebana was begun. There was a priest from Rukkakudo Temple in Kyoto who very expert in arranging flowers. He started to give instructions about flower arrangements when other priests asked. The word “Ikenobo” then started to attach for them, “ike” means “live in the side of lake,” “bo” means priests, and “no” is a possessive particle to join the word. So, ikenobo means priest of the lake.

The Styles of Ikebana

As the time passed, the styles of Ikebana changed as other schools emerged which become the custom of Japanese society. In Japanese Ministry of Education, there are more than 2,000 of different ikebana schools registered. However, there are three most popular schools until this present time including:

1. Ikenobo Schools
Ikenobo is the oldest school of ikebana. The styles of Ikenobo include three styles:
• Rikka
Rikka means standing flowers was the expression of Buddhist to the beauty of nature. It was the basis of ikebana. Rather than simply put flowers in a vase, the style was focused on putting more thoughts on the process of arranging flowers. The style contained with 7 branches which represent 7 elements in nature including ryou (a peak), gaku (a hill), rou (a waterfall), shi (a town by the water), bi (a valley), you (the sunlit side of the scene), and in (the shaddy side of the scene).
• Shouka (Shikka)
This style consists of 3 main branches including ten (heaven), chi (earth), and jin (human). The arrangement is very simple because it is designed to show the plant’s beauty and uniqueness.
• Shouka Shimputai
This style is a new style of shouka which developed in 1977 by 45th generation of headmaster Ikenobō Sen’ei. The floral arrangements tried to present the bright and modern feeling.

2. Ohara Schools
The sense of modernism revolutionized the discipline of Ikebana in the 20th century. Moribana means “piled-up flowers” was first introduced by Mr. Unshin Ohara. He was an Ikenobo professor in Kobe. He used a low bowl to arrange some shorter western flowers which brought to Japan since in the beginning of Meiji era. When he asked to include this new style of Ikebana in the curriculum of Ikenobo school, they refused it. Then, he got permission to teach it in his own school, Ohara School. Surprisingly, when he opened an exhibition in Kobe, he got a great welcome. Since 1965, moribana styles became more popular and even incorporated in most of Ikebana school’s curriculum.

3. Sogetsu School
Sofu Teshigahara was a founder of Sogetsu School which established in 1926. The traditional approach of ikebana was focused on the construction forms, while Teshigahara recognized that Ikebana is the result of creative art. So, ikebana wasn’t difficult and everybody has the ability to create one rather than exclusively enjoyed by limited number of people. The style of Teshigahara’s ikebana could be called as free styles ikebana. It gained so much interest with its free and colorful arrangements.

In this present time, Ikebana still becomes the attractiveness of Japanese culture. Not only Japanese people, but foreigners also start to put lots of interest on arranging flowers with Japanese feelings.

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Some Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Apply

Teenage bedroom decorating is one thing you should do if you have a teenager. It is important to do because most teenagers want to express their feeling including in the decoration of their bedroom. Instead of applying unclear decoration, just take one of teenage bedroom decorating ideas here.

teenage bedroom

Bedroom decoration idea based on the latest trend
Teenagers tend to follow the latest trends such as the latest fashion trend, the latest gadget, the latest application, the latest game, and of course the latest bedroom decoration. For example, there is a case that they love painting as their new hobby and the way to express their feeling. So, it is great to give them a space. The wall of the bedroom is a good option. Let them painting the wall just like what they want. One more alternative is that you can ask the expert to paint the wall. Before that, let your beloved teenager choose the best painting they want to put there.

Applying bright color idea
Talking about teenage bedroom decorating ideas, it is strongly related to the way to choose colors. Because teenagers tend to be active, bright color bedroom is the best idea. In this case, you can choose specific colors such as red, blue, yellow, green, and many more. Even, it is allowed for you to combine those colors as long as you apply it in the right portion.

Applying strong pattern idea
Strong pattern represents the strong thought of teenagers. You can use specific pattern such as bold lines, stripes, round, triangle, and many more. Mostly, the pattern is also used to separate between bright colors to the other bright color. Just try it and definitely your teenager will love it.

Applying unique items
Teenagers tend to use their bedroom as headquarter. Because of that, they will take any kind of unique items they love most to their room. You can also help them to find it and manage those items as a surprise. There are hundreds of unique items out there. For example, you can buy retro pillows, old paintings, and even swing. Putting a big chalkboard is also a good idea. Let them write or draw everything they love in that chalkboard. Their artwork can be a good accessory for their bedroom. It seems that they have personal area at home. Just put those items and make sure that the items are their favorite item.

Creating favorite spots
In the same case, teenagers tend to have their favorite spot around the bedroom. Let say, if they love reading, it means they will take relaxing swing as the best spot to read their favorite books. There is also a case that they love to talk with friends and discuss something that they want to do in the future. If it is so, you can just prepare a medium chair or sofa so it can be put in the bedroom. Let them use it as their favorite spot to welcome their friends.

Creating multipurpose bedroom
When you want to create a bedroom for your beloved teenager, it is a must to make sure that the bedroom consists of three important elements. Those elements are sleeping area, studying area and a spot to talk with friends. By applying those three important elements and it will be more than just an ordinary bedroom for them. It is a multipurpose bedroom!

Creating a bedroom in an unusual area
Do you have unused basement at home? Instead of doing nothing with the basement, you can just replace it to become a great bedroom for your teenager. Just follow the tips above and your beloved teenager will be very happy with their new bedroom.

Playing with texture
It is also great to give a little bit texture in the bedroom. By using texture in the bedroom, it will be more comfortable than before. There are several ways to give texture in the bedroom for teens. You can give texture by applying wallpaper. Just choose wallpaper with strong pattern. It is also good to apply rug in the bedroom. Instead of choosing an ordinary rug, you can just choose rug with strong pattern or texture. Of course, it has to be made of soft materials.

If you think that it is hard to decorate a bedroom for teenager you can think twice. The teenage bedroom decorating ideas above give enough inspiration for you.

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