5 Simple Decoration Ideas for Apartment

For people who live in an apartment with rather small living spaces, apartment decorating that can improve its atmosphere and prevent it from appearing too cramped is essential. With simple decor, an impression of space can effectively be created in an apartment.

There is no bulky and expensive furnishing and decorative element required as the decor is expected to be simple. With smart decor idea that only involves adding small and inexpensive elements and modifying already installed elements, a small apartment will feel airier and more spacious. It will also look great and elegant.

Simple things and ideas can be applied without too much hassle, so it might be suitable for dwellers who don’t have much spare time.

There are several simple decoration ideas to make your apartment look and feel better. The ideas that are to be elaborated below are also applicable to other types of residence with limited interior space.

• Make the interior look brighter.

Brightness creates an illusion of space. To make the interior of your apartment look brighter, you need to use brighter and softer hues on most decorative elements that you use in your apartment. Using bright-colored paint for the wall and floor, semitransparent window curtains that allow a portion of sunray to enter the apartment, mirrors and metallic objects, and neutral colors for the rest of the décor will make the apartment look roomier.

• Save the space with minimalist furnishings.

A solid coffee table and a large bookshelf will obviously consume a large amount of space. Instead of using those bulky furnishings, try to use simpler and more minimalist ones. A small see-through acrylic table and a floating shelf are considered more space-saving. Try to apply this philosophy when dealing with other furnishings and decorative elements that you have in your apartment and you can make your apartment look cleaner and airier.

• Use multifunctional furnishings.

Instead of using table to put your remote, consider using an ottoman with built-in tray. This kind of ottoman can function both as a seat and a remote holder. There are many other multifunctional furnishings that you can use in your apartment, such as a computer desk with built-in bookshelves and a bed frame with drawers underneath. You can truly save a lot of space if you use those furnishings.

• Don’t waste valuable space in corners.

Many furnishings can actually be fixed to corners. Corner sofa, bookshelf, bathroom vanity and shower unit, and reading chair, can actually sit neatly in corners. Therefore, rather than leaving the corners of your apartment empty, make use of them effectively using those furnishings.

• Use decorations that improve your apartment’s atmosphere.

You can create a sense of space in your apartment by bringing the natural elements of the outdoors inside your apartment. Hang some of greenery on the wall, put a large vase with flowers on empty corners, and leave your windows open to allow fresh air to enter the apartment.

By blending the interior of your apartment with its exterior, the walls of your apartment will not be too restricting anymore. This is a simple apartment decorating idea that will make your apartment look and feel better.

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