6 Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Ideas

Are you looking for kitchen remodeling ideas? You can find some tips and ideas to remodel your kitchen here. The main purpose here is creating a functional kitchen with the tips from the interior designers. Let’s check out the tips from the big picture to the smaller details.

  • Design efficiency

The first kitchen remodeling tip is thinking about the efficiency or how you will use the kitchen space instead of focusing on how to make your kitchen feel airy, open, and inviting. Using ‘working triangle’ formula, you should arrange the sink, the fridge, and the range to form an equilateral triangle.

It’s important to keep those three points less or more equidistant from one another as they are the spots you will visit the most in your kitchen.

  • Light it up

The next point in remodeling your kitchen is by choosing the new lighting. Instead of going with recessed lighting like lots of people, interior designer suggest you to use surface mount fixtures attached to the ceiling as it gives more lighting effect and is also beautiful.

Besides, the other option is by hanging bigger light fixtures above the islands for decorative aim. As cabinets can block the light from shining onto the countertops, thus you may consider having under-cabinet lighting as well.

  • Make a statement with the stove

The stove is like the focal point of a kitchen as it is the most visible piece and practically the most used appliance. Hence, making it as a statement piece is the easiest way to make a successful kitchen remodeling. Choose well the stoves which design and colors match your kitchen’s design. You can also consider using a hood or frame to decorate your stove.

  • Ideal countertops

The main thing to remember when choosing countertops is that they have to be around 24 or 25 inches. Next, the countertops should be a little bit overhang so any dripping liquid from the countertops will fall onto the floor instead of cabinets; hence making the cleaning session easier without leaving the stains.

When it comes to design and colors, you are in liberty to choose one which matches your kitchen’s design.

  • Don’t forget the cabinets

In kitchen remodeling, sometimes we ignore the cabinet. But the thing is, you can inject your style by simply playing with the cabinets. But, back again, the style of cabinets is up to you to choose. As for the lower cabinets, it is recommended by the designers that you put in at least 2 or 3 deep drawers to keep the pots and pans.

  • Unique flooring

The last tip on kitchen remodeling is by installing unique choice of flooring. If you look for comfort during cooking, it’s better for you to choose wood or Ipocork for the flooring. However, you can be more creative by installing large Italian porcelain tiles. Not only indestructible, this kind of tile is also pretty and able to solve the problem with having little bits of foods trapped on the floor.

You can explore many ideas and references for kitchen remodeling which match your taste. Just keep those tips above in mind when you are working on the kitchen remodeling ideas you’ve decided!

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