Fashion Fur – Luxurious Pieces For A Fraction of The Price

Some fashions stay in and some disappear, but when it comes to the beauty and timelessness of fur, it’s a different story.

Vogue magazine says that “Fur fits into every trend in fashion.”

How true, because its versatility as a garment can create major style and offer warmth, polish, practicality and sheer elegance.

Real fur is gorgeous, and although faux fur is cute and cheap, it doesn’t have quite the same effect in looks, texture, weight or appeal. Investing in genuine fur is an intelligent fashion decision, as its longevity seems forever, and its status as a style garment allows you to wear it with any ensemble and accessory in every decade to come.

Affording a fur garment doesn’t have to mean depleting your savings account. There are all kinds of furs for all kinds of occasions and wear at the perfect budget for you. There is much more to offer than a full length fur coat.

Today, modern fur provides flexibility in the way of a stunning fur gilet or glam fur poncho. Both style types are designed in “ageless” shapes that flatter every woman’s figure.

Your wardrobe will go up in sophistication when you add even one fur garment like the classic real fur gilet. Famous faces like Pippa Middleton, Olivia Palermo, Ciara and Elizabeth Hurley all fancy the gilet, because it looks remarkable with casual pieces and even formal attire. Long or short, made with fox, coney or a combination of both or dyed in pretty pastels, a fur vest adds an exquisite touch and feels so soft and warm. Tassels, pockets, hoods and collars, your fur vest offers great-looking choices in style. Layered during the winter months, like over a parka, is the hot trend of the moment.

The fur poncho features another show-stopping classic that’s both playful and feminine. A poncho like this can be worn through all the seasons, as its ideal lightweight form is forever comfortable. A poncho designed in fur is a smart choice, because it can adapt to whatever fashion vibe you wish to portray, like relaxing with jeans or leggings or wearing it over your favorite dress on a special evening. This fur garment is the perfect traveler for you. Popular coney fur makes an excellent poncho and comes in lots of pretty shades like Mocha, Dark Pink, Chocolate Brown, White or Black. Some make your poncho even sassier, with a border of pom poms.

Ask any woman who has ever owned a fur garment, and she will tell you about the wonderful sensuality the piece exudes. No other fabric or material stands up to the brilliance of real fur. Whether you choose an affordable fur filet or fur poncho to enhance your wardrobe, you will instantly appear elegant and sophisticated as a modern woman of the moment.

Try a fur garment on, and cozy up to the world outdoors. You will feel the warmth.

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