Using and Caring Wooden Furniture in Your House

Caring wooden furniture is about how you keep your all wooden furniture from dust and keep them in a good condition in a long time. Most people ignore the condition on their wooden furniture as long there is no crack or wait till their furniture get broken.

Wooden furniture is different with other materials furniture because they need more attention to add more years on their life time. Not only dust but the room temperature can also cause bad effect on your furniture.

It is better to put your wooden furniture away from the sun or a place where the temperature is above 150 degrees. Most people choose woods for their house because it can mix with lots of home designs and it is easier to move it to other places.

But if you want to have wooden furniture inside your house, you need to get some tips to clean and caring them.

  • Take a good care of wooden furniture

Basically, caring your them is not that hard. All you have to do is to keep them clean and choose the right tools to clean them. To remove the dust from your wooden furniture, you can use feather duster or soft cloths because it will not leave any scratch your furniture.

After you remove the dust from the surface, you can continue your caring wooden furniture process by wipe the furniture using warm water and mild soap. You can also use tooth brush for the corner of your wooden furniture but do not forget to dry them with a clean and soft fabric or cloth.

Using metal polish is also a good idea especially if you want them looks like a new one. If you are a coffee lover, there will a mark on your table from the coffee cup but you do not have to worry because you can remove the mark or stain using baking soda or cooking oil and combine them with regular toothpaste.

  • Keep wooden furniture in a good shape

It is true that most wooden furniture are made with a good material and it can resist sunlight and cleaning materials. But if you want your wooden furniture last longer, you need to take a good care at them with correct tools and materials.

Wood is a good material for a furniture but it also have several weaknesses like from coffee and dust. You are not allowed to place hot pans on your table without safety pad and never use a rubber cover which has chemical materials which can damage the wood.

Make sure that you clean the dust for your furniture every day and polish it with furniture oil to make it more shiny and greasy. You can buy spray or liquid for your furniture but make sure that the material is safe or you can make the recipe on your own where you can use safer ingredients. You can also go to the professional to take care your furniture and get more useful tips from them about how to caring wooden stuff.

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Tips on Choosing Organic Mattress

When they found out that the mattress they use to sleep every night could cause harm to themselves as well as the environment, people are looking for alternatives such as the organic mattress that is claimed to be healthier as well as more eco-friendly. Many of today’s mattresses are produced and contained dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde. Mattress with the so-called flame retardant quality turns out to be quite dangerous if not treated well. These are the reasons why organic mattress is very popular nowadays for bedroom furnishings. Here are some tips on choosing an organic mattress for you.

Follow the Smell

When you first buy a non-organic mattress you will be able to smell this unique scent that only comes from new mattress. This smell turns out to be the smell of the chemicals used in the production of the mattress and even though you have had the mattress for quite some times, the dangerous chemicals will not just go away and instead be inhaled by those who sleep on the mattress. Buying organic mattress sill helps release you from inhaling these dangerous chemicals inside the regular mattress. It is true that the fumes of organic mattress are quite strong in the first few weeks, but it is still better than having to inhale dangerous chemicals when you sleep. You can always sit the mattress inside a spare room or in the garage for a few weeks before you start using it in order to lessen the new mattress smell.

Look for Real Credentials

There is no actual regulation on organic mattress that is ruled by the government, so many companies just used the word organic, eco, or green and slapped them on their products as they please. Many mattresses claimed to be green or organic turns out to use the same materials as the usual mattresses even though the amount is lower. The appearance of the mattress can also fool you since when you compared organic and the only slightly organic mattresses they will look quite the same. When looking for organic mattress, ignore all the green and eco labels on the mattress and instead look for companies that explain the ingredients used in their mattresses.

Look for a Great Compromise

It is true that the prices for organic mattresses are quite expensive for many people since they do not have three thousand dollars handy just to get a mattress. Because of this people often go for the more affordable regular mattress and ignore the expensive organic mattress. The solution to this problem is you can find a hybrid mattress as a compromise since you cannot afford the fully organic one. There are also many companies that sold the so called hybrid mattresses in which they mix organic materials into the ingredients of the mattresses they produced. The price for this kind of mattress is considerably lower compared to the fully organic ones. The semi organic mattresses are sold at half price lower than the fully organic mattress and it sure is a great compromise.

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Furniture to Improve Your Living Room

When looking at Gormans for new furniture for your living room, you will have a few different options from which to choose. The type of furniture that you go with is dependent on what you will use the room for. If it will generally just be for you and your family, something small might suffice. Those who will be entertaining, however, might consider some larger items.


Buying a couple of recliners for your living room is a good idea if only a couple of people will be using the room. Many couples who live without children go this route because they rarely need the extra seating that a couch provides.


The majority of living rooms have at least one couch in them. Most couches fit two or three people, so larger families might require a love seat and a couch in order to accommodate everyone. Remember that a sleeper sofa is also an option if you will be entertaining guests, since it allows you to temporarily turn your living room into another bedroom.


Sectional couches are the largest on the market and are perfect if you frequently enjoy inviting friends over. These items are usually fine for sleeping on as well, making them an alternative to a sofa bed.

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