Tips and Techniques for Basic Interior Painting

If you have a plan to do interior painting, you’d better to learn these tips and techniques first. Once you have learnt, you can start to buy and prepare the proper tools. Here are the tips, techniques and how to do’s in interior painting.


  • Planning

When you want to remodel your interior walls on a room, the cheapest way is to use fresh coat of paint. There are high quality applicators and coatings available in many stores. You don’t need to worry if this is the first time you will paint.

With high quality, your paintings will be alike the professional one. There are many project planning tools available online. Moreover, questions and answers about how to paint are there as well.

  • Preparing

Everybody wants to have a great, beautiful and long lasting of the finish coat. To get that result, you should make sure that the wall’s surface you will paint is clean, smooth and dry. In addition, it is better if the surface is coated with the right primer.

Also, you will need some preparation for the tools. The tools you will need are wire brushes, putty knives, ladder, spackling paste, paint scrapers and wood fillers. Those tools are useful in preparing the surface to be painted.

  • Painting

Get the room ready to do interior painting is very important. It will ease you to paint later. Moreover, the right preparation will prevent your home from any kinds of spills and splatters. Advice from the experts, you should get masking tape, caulk, drop cloths and more in nearby stores.

Then, let’s get ready to paint. Remove the mirrors, pictures, rugs, switch, and hardware if possible. Cover the plates. Then, move all furniture or some if possible to the middle of the room. Use drop cloths to cover all furniture. Get the tape and tape down the drop cloths and woodwork.

If there is some hardware you can’t move, wrap them with plastic and cover them with masking tape. For good ventilation, open the door and window. Then clean the wall’s surface as you need. Remember, if you use oil-based coatings, move away anything which come from heat, open flame and sparks. Don’t smoke.

Turn off the electrical tools, appliances, stoves and all sources of electricity. Extinguish the heaters. When you are painting and before the vapors are gone, make sure the area has good ventilation.

  • Cleaning Up

When you are using paint, you should manage the cleaning properly. If possible you’d better dispose the leftover paint. Minimize litter and prevent spills and dangerous disposal. That’s why it is crucial to minimize to waste the paint.

You can consult your local environmental agency about the disposal guidance. Don’t throw away paint into a drain or storm sewer. The dangers will be not noticed directly, but obviously the wrong disposal can cause pollution. Moreover, it can be a threat for the health and natural resources.

To minimize the danger, you should buy the right amount of paint. You can measure the will-paint area and count on how many gallons you will need.

After you finish painting, you’d better to seal p the leftover paint. Then store them in protected area to prevent the damage, temperature above 95°F and freezing. Remember to find the places in which out of reach of kids and pets.

When you store the leftover paint, it means you save for the next use. You can use the leftover paint to touch up your interior painting. Moreover, you can use it to make creative projects. You can try to mix the colors to get new colors and use it to make small projects.

The other options, you can donate your remained paint to your neighbor, friend, school or charitable groups which need paint. If you don’t know where to donate, you can use social media to post your offer. You can recycle the paint too.

There is an organization such as PaintCare which has paint recycling center. However, not all area has this kind of organization. Don’t worry if you don’t find that organization. You can dispose your leftover paint. If you get latex paint, you can let it dry with absorbent material. You can use shredded newspaper, sawdust or cat box filler. Don’t throw away your paint in liquid form. When the latex paint has dried, throw it away as solid garbage. Those are the way to dispose your leftover paint after doing interior painting.

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The Best Contractor for Commercial Painting

In term of business, this year is better than the last one but the economic isn’t fully recovered. It is important to optimize business in the last months of this year to improve the whole business performance. The holiday seasons is coming soon and it is going to be the momentum you need to increase your sales. It is important to have the right strategy for the holiday seasons.


You may already prepare holiday sales program with special discount for your customer. But don’t forget, you need to attract more people to come to your store because they are the potential customer you have. The more people coming to your store, the more opportunities you have to make sales. How your store looks will have big role here.

This is the right time to make some improvements to your store to make it look fresh and more attractive. This improvement is also useful to make potential buyers feel comfortable to spend more time inside your store and finally buy several products they like.

There are many ideas for retail store decorations and improvements and it can be started by repainting the store interior and exterior. New paint color combination inside and outside the store will create new ambiance and fresh atmosphere. It will significantly improve the whole store area and off course, it makes your store looks more attractive and people passing by will be curious to come inside there.

Since it is still weeks away from holiday season, this is the right time to do repainting project for your store. What you need is to find the right painting contractor to handle the project.

There are several painting companies Tempe AZ with commercial painting services. But you know very well you need this project to deliver optimum result to make your store ready for holiday seasons and for this you can only trust the best one. When it comes the best painting services in this area, there’s no doubt you must choose Tru-Line Painting. This company is a licensed contractor in the field of painting services for both commercial and residential painting.

The company is committed to quality, customer care and lasting results making them one of the best in this business. For many years, this company has been building top reputation among its customers by delivering the best quality services at competitive rate. There are many highly satisfied customers who will be more than happy to refer this painting service.

Tru-Line Painting offers complete lines of painting services and one of its specialties is commercial paintings. This company is highly experienced working on commercial spaces and among its portfolio is high profiled commercial spaces in Tempe and greater area. Don’t hesitate to call this company and let them hear about your planned project.

The customer service staffs will provide complete information and give you quote for the project. You will love to know that the rate is very reasonable and the project is bonded and insured. Tru-Line Painting has team of highly trained and experienced painters and they are only using premium grade products and painting supplies for the best results that will last of many years to come.

Commercial painting services from Tru Line Painting isn’t only getting the re-painting job done perfectly but it is also a priority that your daily business routine get minimum impact. The team from this company will manage designated work area and access point to make sure your business routine can be as normal as possible with minimum interruption.

The whole painting work will be completed on time with perfection on every detail. Once it is completed, your store will transform into much attractive retail space ready to welcome more customers.

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