Champs Family Automotive, Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Goodyear, Arizona

Taking care and maintaining your vehicle well is a must. In such a mobile era like this, your vehicle is one of the most important things in your life and it is hard to do your activity without it. To make sure your car will always perform well, you need to take its maintenance seriously. You should only bring it to a trusted auto repair that has experienced technician as well as the latest repair technology. If you are living in Goodyear, Arizona, Champs Family Automotive is the place you should head to.

This auto repair Goodyear shop is a family business that has been operated for more than 15 years. The owner, Josh “Champ” Champion is ASE L1 and L2 certified so you can rest assured that your vehicle is on the right hand if you bring it to this auto repair shop. Here are some other reasons why Champs Family Automotive is the best to handle your vehicle in Goodyear area, and even Arizona.

  • ASE Certified Technician and State-of-the-Art Equipment

Certified and experienced technician is definitely the most important quality an auto repair shop must have and that is what this shop is all about. All the technicians in this shop are ASE certified and have myriad experiences in working with all types and models of vehicles. From SUV, pickup, minivan and even an RV, send your vehicle to Champs Family Automotive and you can sit back and relax waiting for them to work on your car.

The technicians are the driving force of this company’s success. But those talents and skills are backed up by state-of-the art equipment that set this shop apart with its competitors. The latest technology tools provide a very helpful assistance for the mechanics so they can diagnose your vehicle’s problems more accurately. As a result, your vehicle can be repaired faster, and most importantly more efficiently. Since core of the problems are directly addressed, you can save thousands of dollars for repair cost.

Thanks to the mechanic’s years of experience, there is nothing this auto repair shop can do. No matter what your vehicle is, whether it is domestic or imported car, diesel or petrol, small or big, Champs have all the tools to address your vehicle’s problem and send it back to you just like new.

  • Specializes in Diesel Repair

Thanks to the spark plug, diesel car has lower maintenance cost. But still, it needs maintenance. Maintaining and repairing diesel vehicle is not easy and it is not something that can be done by just everyone. The mechanic needs experience and special skill for that and Champs Family Automotive is the best for that job. Josh Champion’s shop is one of four auto repair shop in the area that specializes in diesel repair and it is safe to say that this shop is also one of the best.

Many people choose diesel vehicle because the fuel price is cheaper and the car price itself is generally lower compared to petrol vehicle. Unfortunately, it can be easily exposed to some problems. Sometimes the fuel economy is suddenly decreased, the other times overheating can be a problem, not to mention some unexplained performance problem that definitely will stress you out. When it happens take your diesel vehicle to Champs and let the professionals work their magic on your car.

  • Provide Warranty and Unrivaled Customer Service

Champs Family Automotive feels confident in the result of their work, and to show that confidence, they provide 3-year or 36,000 miles warranty for the vehicle they repaired. In some cases, you can even get lifetime warranty.

Warranty is one thing, but the most important aspect that makes this auto repair shop has so many regular customers is its excellent customer service. They don’t fool their customers and give fair pricing for every service they provide. As a matter of fact, as a family business, Champs Family Automotive treats and respects their customers as if they are also a member of the family. The owner is not a new player in this industry and he realizes that treating the customer well is the key in the shop’s success. Remarkable workmanship combines with the best customer service is what you will get every single time you visit Champs Family Automotive.