The Elements You Should Bring in Vintage Bathroom Renovation

Faucets, metal, wood, patterned fabrics are the main elements that should be included in vintage bathroom renovation. The classic, timeless, and never out of style appeal make vintage style always becomes the popular option. For your today vintage bath, use these following elements to bring into your bathroom.

vintage wash basin

Vintage Typical Sinks

1. Pedestal Sink
A pedestal sink is a sink with its basin supported by a single porcelain leg. The base or single leg is designed to conceal the plumbing to give more elegant looks. This classic sink doesn’t take up much space visually so it’s great for smaller bathroom while still looks fashionable.

2. Console Sink
In 1900-1920, sanitation became very important in bathroom so console sink spurred up as a popular bathroom feature. A console sink has mounted legs that exposing its plumbing underneath to allow the openness for ventilation and cleaning thoroughly.

Subway Tiles

For classic choice of vintage bathroom renovation, subway tiles come into popularity. This type of tile was called with “subway tile” because New York City used simple white tiles for its underground transit system back in 1904. It became a huge hit between American homeowners because of offering clean looks and low maintenance. You can choose 3” x 6” tiles to create a graphic look for your vintage styled bathroom.

Cove Moldings

Cove molding gives a finishing touch for subway tile to complement the vintage looks. You may find cove molding in most vintage bathroom to frame the subway tiles where meet the walls. That’s why, in order to bring authenticity into your bathroom space, you should add cove molding in.

Faucets with Ceramic Handles

Faucets with ceramic handles are a must-feature should be installed in your vintage bathroom. Faucets with polished chrome finishes and white ceramic handles have been popular since 20’s even now to give classic period look.

Vintage Bathtub Type

Speaking of vintage bathtub type, claw-foot tub is a classic addition to stylish your timeless bathroom. A claw-foot tub is a freestanding tub supported by four short animal-like feet. In the past, it was made from cast iron, but now you can find in acrylic to serve a lighter tub.

For more classic atmosphere, don’t forget to bring in shower curtain ring to complete your vintage bathtub. Not only giving you more privacy, the curtain also gives you a comfy feeling with this draped canopy.

In vintage style bathroom, Carrara marble is the best choice. Its white and grey pattern combination creates a unique and amazing veins that make this marble looks gorgeous. The marble is mostly used for vanity tops, backsplash, and floor tiles.

The last feature to add more sophisticated, elegant, and vintage looks is chandelier. Placing it above your master bathtub, look at how it gives an extra dose of elegant look in your vintage bathroom.

Subway tiles, pedestal sink, faucets, claw-foot tub, etc. are the main elements of vintage bathroom features. So, make sure you have purchase the features above before starting your vintage bathroom renovation. Good luck with your renovation and remodeling project!