Several Tips to Build the Waterproofing Basement Walls

If you trying to find out about how to cure your wet or musty basements. You may wonder about the several advertisement products that had claimed for your waterproof basement walls. You also curious, is it really worth to dry out the basement with the sealing the walls?

Yes, this is possible and you should ensure that you choose the best one. You should know the moisture is coming from the outside factor or if it is actually get the high humidity which condensing on the cool walls in your basements.

You should know the cause of your wet basements in order to decide the best solutions that will suit with your problems and for your basement maintenance. If you do not know what the causes, you will be end up with the several products that will never give you the best solution. One of the things that you will need is the suit foundation waterproofing for your basements.

How to Find Out the Causing of Moisture?

You can tape the 1 foot square piece of aluminum foil for the inside of basement walls, and leave it around 24 hours. If there is a condensation in the outside of the foil, this is means that you have the high humidity in your basement. You can fix it with the portable room dehumidifier or the humidifier systems than using the waterproofing products. In case of severe damage happened, you may need professional foundation repair services.

If the foils have condensation inside of the surface (next the walls), it may cause by the soil around your house is natural that come from the high water table or poor of soil drainage. In this case, you can choose foundation waterproofing products for your basement that can be useful as well.

You can waterproof in your interior walls, which may be able to solve your problem. Or you can waterproof your exterior walls, which is better, but costly.

4 Simple Tips of the Interior Waterproofing:

1. The concrete waterproofing coating.

This is the thick coatings like the cement, once dry and adhere permanently to concrete your masonry walls. You can apply the coating use the heavy brush that made from tampico bristles or a natural fiber. You can swirl the brush for the final stage from the application to give the attractive walls and finished look as well.

The concrete of waterproof coatings cannot be applied in the previous surface that had been painted, you need check the label.

2. Silicate based on concrete sealers.

This is also known as the identifiers that also suitable for the walls that have not been painted or sealed before. The sealers soak in and the chemically substances will blend with the materials inside the concrete or brick, then forming hard and make the waterproof surface.

Because this silicate can penetrate the sealers, they cannot flake or peel as well, you can paint over them as well. you can apply the silicate based sealer with the brush, roller or sprayer that easier for your DIY project.

3. Using the waterproofing paint.

Waterproofing paint is the acrylic formula and not all of that are different from the usual wall paint. But you roll, spray or brush it on much more thickly than usual.

The waterproof paint is a good option for your DIY project. You can apply it over the painted surface before.

4. Using the plastic sheet and panels.

The plastic sheet and panels are suit for your waterproofing walls that you can combine with the interior basement drainage systems as well. They cannot stop the water from your walls. But they stop from several ruining causes in your basements.

The water which passed your wall will run down in the back of plastic sheet, into the drainage systems in your basement floors.

These all of tips above can be your solution ways to waterproofing your basement walls. However, the exterior waterproofing may be the best solution. You can apply the full scale of exterior waterproofing, but it may be costly as well.

This is because the exterior waterproofing will include of excavating in around of your house to the full depth from the foundation walls, then install the waterproof coating or the membrane top with the drainage panel. The panel will give the easier way for the water flow. But, these all depend on your need.