Some Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Apply

Teenage bedroom decorating is one thing you should do if you have a teenager. It is important to do because most teenagers want to express their feeling including in the decoration of their bedroom. Instead of applying unclear decoration, just take one of teenage bedroom decorating ideas here.

teenage bedroom

Bedroom decoration idea based on the latest trend
Teenagers tend to follow the latest trends such as the latest fashion trend, the latest gadget, the latest application, the latest game, and of course the latest bedroom decoration. For example, there is a case that they love painting as their new hobby and the way to express their feeling. So, it is great to give them a space. The wall of the bedroom is a good option. Let them painting the wall just like what they want. One more alternative is that you can ask the expert to paint the wall. Before that, let your beloved teenager choose the best painting they want to put there.

Applying bright color idea
Talking about teenage bedroom decorating ideas, it is strongly related to the way to choose colors. Because teenagers tend to be active, bright color bedroom is the best idea. In this case, you can choose specific colors such as red, blue, yellow, green, and many more. Even, it is allowed for you to combine those colors as long as you apply it in the right portion.

Applying strong pattern idea
Strong pattern represents the strong thought of teenagers. You can use specific pattern such as bold lines, stripes, round, triangle, and many more. Mostly, the pattern is also used to separate between bright colors to the other bright color. Just try it and definitely your teenager will love it.

Applying unique items
Teenagers tend to use their bedroom as headquarter. Because of that, they will take any kind of unique items they love most to their room. You can also help them to find it and manage those items as a surprise. There are hundreds of unique items out there. For example, you can buy retro pillows, old paintings, and even swing. Putting a big chalkboard is also a good idea. Let them write or draw everything they love in that chalkboard. Their artwork can be a good accessory for their bedroom. It seems that they have personal area at home. Just put those items and make sure that the items are their favorite item.

Creating favorite spots
In the same case, teenagers tend to have their favorite spot around the bedroom. Let say, if they love reading, it means they will take relaxing swing as the best spot to read their favorite books. There is also a case that they love to talk with friends and discuss something that they want to do in the future. If it is so, you can just prepare a medium chair or sofa so it can be put in the bedroom. Let them use it as their favorite spot to welcome their friends.

Creating multipurpose bedroom
When you want to create a bedroom for your beloved teenager, it is a must to make sure that the bedroom consists of three important elements. Those elements are sleeping area, studying area and a spot to talk with friends. By applying those three important elements and it will be more than just an ordinary bedroom for them. It is a multipurpose bedroom!

Creating a bedroom in an unusual area
Do you have unused basement at home? Instead of doing nothing with the basement, you can just replace it to become a great bedroom for your teenager. Just follow the tips above and your beloved teenager will be very happy with their new bedroom.

Playing with texture
It is also great to give a little bit texture in the bedroom. By using texture in the bedroom, it will be more comfortable than before. There are several ways to give texture in the bedroom for teens. You can give texture by applying wallpaper. Just choose wallpaper with strong pattern. It is also good to apply rug in the bedroom. Instead of choosing an ordinary rug, you can just choose rug with strong pattern or texture. Of course, it has to be made of soft materials.

If you think that it is hard to decorate a bedroom for teenager you can think twice. The teenage bedroom decorating ideas above give enough inspiration for you.

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Tips on Choosing Organic Mattress

When they found out that the mattress they use to sleep every night could cause harm to themselves as well as the environment, people are looking for alternatives such as the organic mattress that is claimed to be healthier as well as more eco-friendly. Many of today’s mattresses are produced and contained dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde. Mattress with the so-called flame retardant quality turns out to be quite dangerous if not treated well. These are the reasons why organic mattress is very popular nowadays for bedroom furnishings. Here are some tips on choosing an organic mattress for you.

Follow the Smell

When you first buy a non-organic mattress you will be able to smell this unique scent that only comes from new mattress. This smell turns out to be the smell of the chemicals used in the production of the mattress and even though you have had the mattress for quite some times, the dangerous chemicals will not just go away and instead be inhaled by those who sleep on the mattress. Buying organic mattress sill helps release you from inhaling these dangerous chemicals inside the regular mattress. It is true that the fumes of organic mattress are quite strong in the first few weeks, but it is still better than having to inhale dangerous chemicals when you sleep. You can always sit the mattress inside a spare room or in the garage for a few weeks before you start using it in order to lessen the new mattress smell.

Look for Real Credentials

There is no actual regulation on organic mattress that is ruled by the government, so many companies just used the word organic, eco, or green and slapped them on their products as they please. Many mattresses claimed to be green or organic turns out to use the same materials as the usual mattresses even though the amount is lower. The appearance of the mattress can also fool you since when you compared organic and the only slightly organic mattresses they will look quite the same. When looking for organic mattress, ignore all the green and eco labels on the mattress and instead look for companies that explain the ingredients used in their mattresses.

Look for a Great Compromise

It is true that the prices for organic mattresses are quite expensive for many people since they do not have three thousand dollars handy just to get a mattress. Because of this people often go for the more affordable regular mattress and ignore the expensive organic mattress. The solution to this problem is you can find a hybrid mattress as a compromise since you cannot afford the fully organic one. There are also many companies that sold the so called hybrid mattresses in which they mix organic materials into the ingredients of the mattresses they produced. The price for this kind of mattress is considerably lower compared to the fully organic ones. The semi organic mattresses are sold at half price lower than the fully organic mattress and it sure is a great compromise.

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Opting Oak Furniture for Bedroom Furnishings

Making a bedroom to be comfortable and comfort is necessary. This room is a place where people need to get rest and regain energy after all day activities. So, the concept of the design should create the decoration to support peace and relax feeling. When it comes to bedroom furnishings and home decor, the idea is to make the decoration and design suit the mood you want to create. When you have settled with the design, it is time for further actions that is looking for items for decorating and furnishings. By the way, here I am coming up with a wooden furniture topic to be one of ideas: The oak bedroom furniture.

Pieces of oak bedroom furniture should be included in the list of your options. Such wooden items always make an elegant impression and eye-catching appearance. They are made from solid oak woods, and they are good materials. So, this offers durability, quality, and appealing looks. Using items which suit your taste will support the mood that you want to create, and you will get relax because you enter a comfort zone every time you enter the room. For wooden furniture lovers, they will never lose their tastes of using wooden furnishings.

However, you should use a good mattress for a complete combination in order to get quality sleep.

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